How to Paint Dramatic Skies in Watercolor: 3 Must-Watch Videos

Embrace the power of dramatic skies with these video workshops featuring Soon Warren, Thomas Schaller, and Paul Jackson.

Who doesn’t love a little drama now and then? Here are three video workshops designed to help you work some watercolor theatrics into your landscape paintings. The best part? You’ll learn how to paint dramatic skies in watercolor from three of the greatest watercolor artists ever. Prepare to be wowed.

First, we’ll dive right in with the vibrant watercolor techniques of Soon Warren. Then, you’ll discover the power of atmosphere to create drama in Thomas Schaller’s “Fog on the River” demonstration. Finally, create grand, gorgeous sunsets with Paul Jackson.

Enjoy — and bravo, in advance!

1. Get Colorful!

In this first video workshop, you’ll learn exciting color effects in watercolor from distinguished artist Soon Warren! Get a taste with the preview above, then watch the full workshop for Warren’s easy-to-follow process and vibrant painting techniques. You’re bound to see color in a whole new light!

2. Express the Atmosphere

In this video, join renowned watercolor artist Thomas Schaller in a start-to-finish workshop where he shares everything you need to know about atmospheric expression in watercolor. You’ll discover how to make sure all the parts of your painting work in unison to tell a coherent and powerfully communicative story!

3. Capture the Magic

Here you’ll follow accomplished watercolorist Paul Jackson’s simple steps to paint serene, awe-inspiring subjects from photos. Watch the preview above, then join Jackson for the full video workshop as he demonstrates how to paint a tranquil, awe-inspiring sunset, which enchantingly illuminates the rippling water below.

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