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Make Watercolor Magic with Birgit O’Connor: 3 Must-See Videos

“Watercolor has always been perceived as a very unforgiving medium that offers very little control. This can cause a lot of frustration. But the effects and luminous washes possible with watercolor are unrivaled.” —Birgit O’Connor

Orchids (watercolor on paper, 15×22)

We’re shining a spotlight on Birgit O’Connor, a wonderful resource for those learning how to master the medium of watercolor. We had the opportunity to take a peek into Birgit’s studio when she joined us for a unique live Open Studios event. Take a look at the recorded playback and learn some strategies for turning “failed” paintings into positive experiences. In the video, “Watercolor Essentials,” learn Birgit’s strategy for letting go in watercolor, overcoming any fear you might have over the medium. Finish up with Birgit’s classic video, “Watercolor in Motion,” in which you’ll learn how to master your control through wet-in-wet and wet-on-dry techniques, color mingling, blending, edge control, layering, glazing, and more. 

1. Turn “Yikes” into “Yes”!

All artists have experienced the moment in a painting when it’s clear the work is not coming together. Don’t throw it away! Birgit O’Connor encourages you to get out of your own way, experiment with different techniques, and learn to see the potential in paintings you’re not satisfied with. Step into Birgit O’Connor’s studio and learn how to get back on track.

2. Let Go of Your Watercolor Fears

Birgit O’Connor’s advice for letting go of the fear of watercolor is to just add water and color and see what happens! Watercolor moves like no other painting medium—learn how it reacts and what you can do with this beautiful transparent medium. In “Watercolor Essentials,” you’ll learn more than 40 lessons that will bring you success when painting with watercolor. Watch the preview above and then complete the entire video workshop to learn Birgit’s watercolor essentials!

3. Mix and Mingle with Watercolors

Birgit shows you the wonder of manipulating paint and water as she shares watercolor painting techniques you’ll need to know to successfully paint wet-into-wet. Learn how to mix, mingle, and create droplets with watercolor. Birgit also shares her tips for using the correct brushes, and for mastering key techniques such as creating hard and soft edges, layering, glazing, and so much more. Watch the preview above and then complete the entire video workshop to learn from Birgit’s watercolor expertise!

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