Perspective and Design: 3 Must-See Videos

Take the mystery out of perspective and design with these powerful video workshops!

If you’d like a workout that will strengthen your skills in atmospheric perspective, start with lessons from renowned watercolor artist Thomas Schaller in “Watercolor Painting with Thomas Schaller: Perspective and Design.” This watercolor workshop will help any artist manage values, create depth through perspective, and structure compositions to create compelling stories in your work. Then, join pastel artist Christine Ivers to learn simple yet powerful tools for drawing and painting precise realistic drawings and paintings in “Perspective & Proportion Secrets for Artists.” Finally, explore atmospheric perspective in “Painting Landscapes in Oil Part 2: Atmospheric Perspective,” as Richard Robinson teaches you how to use value shifts, color temperature, and texture to create depth in your landscapes.

1. Harness the Power of Storytelling in Watercolor Painting

Join renowned watercolor artist Thomas Schaller as he shares his knowledge, expertise, and techniques in this watercolor workshop all about how to start designing gorgeous paintings. You’ll learn the most critical considerations required for the completion of a successful watercolor: composition, value organization, and methods to create depth and perspective within the painting. From cropping and formatting to detailed lessons on one-, two-, and three-point perspective, Tom breaks down these sometimes daunting topics into useful and powerful storytelling tools.

2. Perspective & Proportion: Get it Right the First Time

How many times have you completed your drawing or painting, only to find that something just doesn’t look right? In this video, you’ll learn simple methods to create realistic drawings and paintings that look right every time! Follow along with these art lessons and learn how to increase scale from your photo or sketch to fit your surface, how to draw accurate perspective, and how to achieve correct proportions, no matter what your subject!

3. Capture Atmospheric Perspective in Your Landscape

In this workshop, Richard Robinson shares his tips and expertise as he paints a mountain meadow landscape with a focus on creating atmospheric perspective. You’ll start with a lesson on how to create a strong composition with “notan sketches” and value studies. Follow along as Richard paints the landscape from start to finish, beginning with a review of shape, value, and design, and carrying through the important stages such as color mixing, adjusting edges, developing lights and darks, and more, for a warm mountain landscape painting.

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