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Paint Vibrant Landscapes from Photos: Three Essential Videos

Paint from photos to create landscapes in oil, watercolor, and pastel in video workshops with Ian Roberts, Iain Stewart, and Maggie Price.

Iain Stewart painting from a reference photo in “From Photos to Fantastic: Painting Watercolor Landscapes”

Painting from photos is a great way to learn and develop painting techniques to create beautiful landscape art! Oil painters of all persuasions love Ian Roberts’ approach to painting and teaching. In “Mastering Composition from Photos: Narrative Painting,” Ian shows you how to turn photographs into compelling narrative art paintings. 

For watercolor painters, paint light into your landscape art with Iain Stewart’s techniques in “From Photos to Fantastic: Painting Watercolor Landscapes.” You’ll learn to paint a landscape from start to finish from a photo reference, adjusting the composition for a strong foundation. Then, in Maggie Price’s “Landscape Painting from Photos with Pastels” video, work with value, color, and perspective to perfect as you paint. 

1. Include Just Enough Detail

In this video workshop, Ian Roberts teaches you how to choose the best photos to use as a basis for paintings. Next, you’ll learn to set the picture plane — the four most important lines in your painting. From there you’ll build color shape by shape, with Ian guiding you to paint just enough detail to tell the story. Your paintings will come to life with value and temperature contrasts. Along the way, you’ll learn oil techniques for stunning works every time you paint.

2. Use a Range of Techniques

Discover luminous watercolor painting techniques in “From Photos to Fantastic: Painting Watercolor Landscapes,” by Iain Stewart! A photo reference will be your starting point to paint a landscape from start to finish. First, you’ll adapt the photo to strengthen the composition. Then, adapt your painting with tools and brushstrokes that you can use in all your watercolor landscape painting. With techniques such as negative painting, color mixing, and variegated wash, you’ll transform photos into your own vibrant paintings.

3. Correct Photo Flaws as You Paint

Finally, in “Landscape Painting from Photos with Pastels,” you’ll learn to paint a realistic landscape painting from a photograph. Pastel artist Maggie Price demonstrates how photography can help as you develop pastel painting skills. You’ll learn to use the painting process to fix photo flaws, including issues with value, color, and perspective. Along the way, you’ll learn professional pastel painting techniques to create beautiful landscape art.

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