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Top 21 Artist Videos of 2021: A Countdown

Celebrate the end of the year with a countdown of 2021’s most-watched Artist Network videos. How many of these member favorites have you seen?

top artist videos 2021

As the world has turned upside down over the past couple years, many artists have taken solace in their work. Through art, we can add light to darkness, find solutions for challenges, and join together as a community.

Throughout 2021, Artists Network members relied on our video instructional workshops more than ever. Artists of all skill levels connected with top-notch instructors, learned new techniques, and reached new levels of confidence and expertise in their work.

This countdown highlights the most-watched videos of the year. We hope you’re able to rediscover old favorites and unearth brand new gems. Sometimes, the right lesson at just the right time can spark a whole new approach in an artist. Enjoy!

21: Pastel Painting Innovations: Creative Underpainting with Dawn Emerson

Get started on the road to exciting art with this pastel underpainting adventure!

Using a photo of a horse, Dawn leads you past the fear of failing and encourages you to take risks as you complete six different painting approaches step by step, from underpainting to developing the subject and adding details. You’ll push past the boundaries of what has been to discover new ways to make exciting art!

Why Members Loved It

This video is the inspiration, motivation, guidance and energy I have been searching for! I am now dancing in front of my easel, allowing myself to slowly let go (habits and training are hard to change quickly!) But more importantly, I am falling in love with my art all over again.

Ainslie G.

20: Watercolor Flowers with Jean Haines

Paint vivacious flowers blooming with life

Watercolor master Jean Haines demonstrates her methods for warming up, using reference photos, finding inspiration, and more. Learn how to add in a burst of bright sunshine to create vivacious flowers that bloom to life right before your eyes in watercolor.

Why Members Loved It

I learned so much. Really appreciated the tips and Jean’s easygoing and enthusiastic style. I have several of her books, but seeing her create paintings firsthand made it more understandable. Now, I have more confidence and am ready to put what I’ve learned into practice.

Renee G.

19: Acrylic Painting Brushwork Techniques with Patti Mollica

Achieve acrylic paintings full of life and give your work a bold new energy!

This video shows how to use your acrylic paint brush for maximum results and achieve a dynamic look. Follow Patti’s three painting lessons to work faster, smarter, and with more confidence.

Why Members Loved It

Superb instructor. Especially useful for beginners and more advanced users as she provides an excellent foundation for future work. Her style is quick, smooth, and not ‘tight,’ so you will start off being looser and freer with your brushwork. As I am picking up my brushes again after many years, these videos have given me in a few hours ALL that I need to get started again.

Karen H.

18: From Photos to Fantastic: Painting Watercolor Seascapes with Iain Stewart

Paint magical seascapes

Experience the excitement of transforming even the most ordinary of reference photos into fantastic watercolor seascapes. You’ll learn tricks for enhancing your composition by utilizing the elements of more than one photograph and changing the light to create a more moody scene. Using techniques including variegated washes, wet-into-wet, color mixing, lifting, softening edges, and more, you’ll follow along with Iain to develop this magical harbor and castle painting from start to finish for stunning results.

Why Members Love It

Beginning with a rough sketch encourages us to worry less about the exactness of a drawing until we get perspective and shading in our composition. Very helpful.

Joyce S.

17: Abstract Art Explorations: Acrylic Painting Techniques with Chris Cozen

Get started with abstract paintings

In these 17 demonstrations, you’ll learn how to adapt your surfaces and create textures to build beautiful layers that you can use to start your abstract paintings. From painting on unusual surfaces to torn paper collages, you’ll love these fun acrylic painting techniques that will help you build fantastic compositions.

Why Members Love It

Chris gives lots of ideas for surfaces, textures, creating backgrounds, and different acrylic paints and mediums. Also talks about creating structure in your piece and how layers of paint interact. I am inspired to see what I can create!

Jean D.

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2 comments on “Top 21 Artist Videos of 2021: A Countdown

  1. MOLLY DUNCAN says:

    I have just joined the Artistsnetwork and in the last 24 hours have binged and thoroughly enjoyed skimming through lots of videos. I was however very disappointed to find that there are no oil and cold wax artists featured. I have seen videos on youtube and amazed at the popularity of the medium. My favourite artists are Lisa Boardwine, Pamela Caughey and Jerry Mclaughlin & Rebecca Crowell. They are the gurus of oil and cold wax medium and I hope you will expand the medium category by including these artists.

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