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Watercolor Artist 2020 Digital Collection


Watercolor Artist December 2020 Digital Edition

Fire up your creativity in this digital issue of Watercolor Artist! Discover strategies to nourish your artistic practice, find inspiration all around you and get out and paint with plein air tips and techniques. You’ll learn how to create powerful watercolor paintings and feed your creative side with all the expert guidance in this digital issue. Download yours to get started!

Watercolor Artist October/November 2020 Digital Edition

Paint serene scenes with this digital issue of Watercolor Artist. With tips and techniques from top artists, you’ll learn how to develop a personal approach to color and find new tools to love. Plus, discover 12 color combinations to try with greens! If you love watercolor painting and want to expand your color palette and painting skills, you won’t want to miss this issue!

Watercolor Artist August 2020 Digital Edition

Explore your creativity and find inspiration in this digital issue of Watercolor Artist, dedicated to waking up your muse! Overcome creative blocks and obstacles, find your voice and reconnect with your passions with tips and tricks to dive into your art. Plus, learn all about gouache, work with dark backgrounds to make your paintings pop, tackle painting tutorials to build your skills and so much more!

Watercolor Artist June 2020 Digital Edition

Paint and draw your way through the summer with this special digital issue of Watercolor Artist, dedicated to the art of the sketchbook! Learn the best tips and techniques to paint on the go and capture drama-filled compositions with light and shadow. Take advantage of the longer days and enhance your watercolor skills with this digital issue.

Watercolor Artist April 2020 Digital Edition

Find inspiration for your next watercolor painting from the 11th Watermedia Showcase prize winners in this digital issue of Watercolor Artist. Leverage simple tools for your creativity, learn how to mask, revive your paper and much more in this issue!

Watercolor Artist January February 2020 Digital Edition

Discover the best artists in this digital issue of Watercolor Artist. Find Inspiration from the Best of The Year: 2019 Showstoppers, paint portraits without fear and much more!

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Get a year of the best watercolor painting tips, techniques and inspiration with one downloadable collection! The Watercolor Artist 2020 Digital Collection features 6 digital issues of Watercolor Artist that you won’t want to miss. Form watercolor painting tutorials to seasonal guidance and inspiration from competition winners, there’s plenty to love within this digital collection.

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